Workers Compensation Insurance

As a New Jersey business owner, you are careful to provide a safe workplace for your employees. But regardless of the thorough precautions you take, unfortunately, accidents can still occur. Workers’ compensation insurance from Delsea Insurance provides an important protection for both you and your employees in the event of unforeseen workplace-related injury or illness.

Workers compensation insurance is a New Jersey state-mandated insurance that provides partial income reimbursement and medical benefits coverage for employees injured on the job while performing work-related responsibilities and tasks.

It ensures injured employees receive a portion of income lost as a result of being unable to work because of an injury sustained on the job. It also provides financial compensation to employees for rehabilitative services, physical therapy, prescriptions, and other medical care expenses related to the injury. Medical expenses pertaining to certain illnesses and diseases contracted as a result of employment are also covered by this insurance.

For the employer, workers comp insurance helps to protect employers from litigation initiated by employees who were injured on the job. It is important that all companies with employees be protected.


Why Purchase Workers Compensation Insurance?

In most states, including New Jersey, workers comp is not an optional coverage. While the benefit levels and requirements vary from state to state, virtually every employer in the United States must be covered.

Just a single injury can render an employee to be out of work for weeks, months, and sometimes even years. This lost income and corresponding medical expenses can prove to be an undue hardship on the employee.

Since fault does not come into play in workplace injuries, as an employer, you may be responsible for the financial consequences of an employee who is injured on the job, in addition to any damages ensued as a result of an employee lawsuit. Workers’ comp helps to protect your finances from this unfortunate happenstance.


Workers Comp Insurance Covers:

  • Injuries sustained by employees while working on the employer’s premises.
  • Injuries sustained by employees while working out on the field.
  • Certain diseases or illnesses that were contracted as a consequence of employment.
  • Injuries sustained by employees resulting from workplace violence, natural disasters, or accidents.

While plans vary among states, compensation in place of lost wages, payments for economic loss (whether past or future), reimbursement for health care and recovery expenses, and compensation to the dependents of employees killed during employment are all areas that are typically included.


Examples of Injuries or Illnesses Covered:

  • A restaurant employee suffers a severe burn from a kitchen fire and needs medical care.
  • An employee who works with toxic chemicals becomes ill due to exposure to these chemicals.
  • An employee at your landscaping company has a portion of his foot cut off while using landscaping equipment for a client.
  • A warehouse employee falls from a ladder and breaks his neck.

It is important to note that employees protected under this special form of insurance receive coverage regardless of who is at fault of the injury. In the event of a worker killed on the job, death benefits are provided for the worker’s dependents.


Typical Exclusions

General damages for pain and suffering are generally not covered, nor is punitive damages related to employer negligence since negligence is generally not a deciding factor in claims.


How Delsea Insurance Can Help

Whether you own a restaurant, hair salon, or landscaping business in Glassboro, NJ or surrounding areas, you need to be protected with workers comp insurance in order to protect your business and its employees.

For more than 60 years, Delsea Insurance has been providing Glassboro, NJ employers with the protection they need for their company and its employees. As a family-owned and operated agency founded in 1949, we have the expertise and history to process claims accurately and quickly. We represent several underwriters as an independent insurance broker to provide businesses with flexibility and competitive workers’ comp business insurance quotes.



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