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Renters insurance from Delsea Insurance offers protection for your keepsakes and personal belongings. For more than six decades and as a local insurance agency, Delsea Insurance has been providing tenants in Glassboro, NJ and surrounding areas peace of mind protection through renters insurance.

Why Purchase Renters Insurance?

If you’re shopping for renters insurance, congratulations on your smart decision. All too many tenants realize too late that their landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t offer protection for their personal belongings. While a landlord’s insurance policy covers the building, it excludes an apartment-dwellers’ personal property and doesn’t cover the tenant’s personal liability.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance is intended to protect a tenant’s personal property, first and foremost. But it goes further than that by offering personal liability protection in the event you are sued as a result of an accidental injury to another who is a guest in your apartment. A renters insurance policy offers coverage for loss or damage due to a covered peril, such as a windstorm, lightning, fire, hail, accidental water damage, smoke, vandalism, and theft.

The three main areas of coverage that renters insurance provides protection for include:

  • Personal property coverage. This includes your personal belongings, valuables, and keepsakes, such as clothes and footwear, furniture, dishes, silverware, electronic equipment, and jewelry.
  • Personal liability coverage. If a guest sues you after becoming injured in your apartment, personal liability coverage as part of your renters insurance policy provides coverage for said financial damages. It may include legal defense costs as well.
  • Reimbursed living expenses. Should your apartment become uninhabitable as a result of a covered loss, renters insurance can cover the expenses relating to a temporary place to live as well as food expenses.

What are Optional Renters Insurance Policy Coverages?

In addition to the three main areas of renters insurance coverage, optional coverage may be added.

  • Guest medical protection. Similar to personal liability, should someone be injured in your apartment, you have coverage for medical expenses related to the incident that occurred in your apartment.
  • Animal liability coverage. If the apartment that you are renting allows pet and your pet damages property within your apartment or injures a guest while in your apartment, animal liability can help provide coverage for your losses.

Examples of renters insurance coverage include:

  • Lightning causes an electronic surge which fries your computer.
  • A burglar breaks into your apartment and steals your jewelry.
  • A frozen pipe causes water damage and destroys some of your personal possessions.
  • The apartment building itself is engulfed in flames and your personal belongings are damaged or destroyed.
  • A guest slips on your bathroom floor and suffers an injury that needs medical attention.
  • You have a toaster fire which destroys your appliances.

Why Choose Delsea Insurance?

There’s not just one reason to choose Delsea Insurance for your renters insurance coverage. There are many. Delsea Insurance offers:

  • A high customer retention ratio which translates to highly satisfied customers.
  • Coverage for apartment dwellers, in addition to condos, manufactured homes, and homes.
  • Protection coverage for personal property, including jewelry and electronics.
  • Coverage for living expenses coverage should you have to temporarily relocate due to a named covered loss.
  • Competitive insurance premiums.
  • A local family-owned and operated agency founded in 1949.
  • Personalized attention supported in-depth knowledge and expertise in satisfying our customers.
  • Representation of several underwriters including Plymouth Rock, Fidelity National Property Casualty, Franklin Mutual, Mercury Insurance Group, and Tower Insurance Group.
  • Expeditious and efficient claims processing.

What’s more, if you are not certain how much your personal possessions and valuables are worth, we help you estimate the value of the contents in your apartment.

Speak one-on-one to a Delsea independent agent today for by calling 1-888-4-DELSEA (856) 881-6930 or contact us through our online form.

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